joker in blackjack

Joker In Blackjack: How To Use Such A Card?

Each of us, when opening 54 card decks, saw such a card as a joker. Players do not use it in all games, but it is also of no small importance. Keep reading this article to find out who the joker in blackjack is.

Who is the Joker?

Let’s find out who the Joker is. On the card with the joker, we can see the image of the jester. There are two of them in the deck – one of them is black and white, and the second is colour. Such a card appeared in the deck at the end of the 19th century. After that, it began to be actively used in various games. Someone says that this card came to us from the Tarot, and someone attributes the origin of the joker from the German game Juker.

What does the joker in blackjack do?

Depending on the card game, the joker can take on certain roles. Joker in blackjack plays the role of an additional card added to six decks. Usually, wilds are not used in blackjack. But there are some varieties of this game, where such cards are actively used. The players themselves determine the role of this card in the game. It is often used in home games, but if we talk about more serious tables, for example, in a casino, then the joker in blackjack is not used.

Black Jack with Jokers is similar to the standard Black Jack in everything, but the aces are replaced by wilds, which are played by both the player and the dealer. Usually, a combination of a joker with regular cards equals a strong 21.

Using the joker in other games

As a rule, classic card games do not involve the participation of the joker. If we talk about more specific varieties, then there you can find the use of this card. For example, in poker, he does not give any points himself, but he can replace any card that best suits the situation. In some varieties of games, the colour and black-and-white joker are not equal. The multicoloured joker is generally considered to be the stronger card. They can also replace cards of different suits.


As you can understand, the joker in blackjack is not the most common occurrence. Usually, it is used in home games when people interpret the rules for themselves. In the classic version, such cards are not used.